Many years ago, Caroline and Kevin Turner purchased a property a decade ago. It was hard then and it was expensive but after 10 years it has been worth it. Bushy Martin is joined by Darren Kingdon from Master Your Super or Kingdon Financial Group, now Darrens’ an expert in the field of buying property in the superannuation fund, and Darren and Bushy make sense of a complicated subject.

Also, joining Bushy this week is a good mate of the show and to Kevin Turner is, Kieran Clair. Kieran is a valuer and writes about a property in his role as the Co-Founder of Bricks and Mortar Media. Bushy asks Kieran about the impacts on property valuation in a rapidly rising market.

The property professor, Peter Koulizos, who is also the chair of the property investment professionals in Australia gives us his view on the struggling CBD property markets around Australia as a consequence of COVID. And what he believes the future holds for that as an asset class.

Finally, Kevin Turner jumps in the chair and catches up with James Kirkland from Upside Realty about his companys’ bullish take on the property take and how he is responding. His plans are to get big.

All that and Bushy’s last word on bank approval blowouts.

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