Seasoned property investors know to keep their finger on the pulse of the market, the first place to turn is Herron Todd White’s monthly property clock. Bushy checks the time with HTW’s Kevin Brogan and it is good news for the residential market. Who thought when the pandemic hit Australia 18 months ago, we’d all still be dealing with Covid’s uncertainty and fallout. Many Australians are suffering ‘behavioral fatigue’, so what impact is this having on property?

Bushy Martin discusses that with Lachlan Vidler from The Atlas Group Buyers Agents. The bank of mum and dad is now the 5th most popular lender, with many first home buyers getting increasingly frustrated with the rapid rise in home values leaving them falling short.

Marcus Roberts from Brighter Finance has some insights and words of warning. If you’ve bought an underperforming property, then now may actually be a good time to sell it. Bushy explains why as he wraps up this week’s show. Enjoy!

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