The key to gaining your buyers’ trust – Marcus Corah

The key to gaining your buyers’ trust – Marcus Corah

Real estate agents have been ranked the third least trusted industry professionals. Just ahead of car salesmen and advertising people – below even union bosses and politicians!

Trust has a huge impact on an agent’s ability to build a solid business. If your customers don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. So how do you stand above this stigma and inherent distrust in the industry? How will you succeed as an agent?

Marcus Corah joins Kevin Turner in the first episode of Real Influencers to talk about how agents can build trust and stand out from your competition. They discuss:

  • Why the “cookie-cutter” approach many professionals use doesn’t work
  • The 3 principles that will help you understand your customers
  • How to apply these valuable principles in actual practice

Watch the video above for their insights.


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