Tell us what you think – Peter Koulizos

Tell us what you think – Peter Koulizos

We tell you how you can take part in Australasia’s biggest property investor sentiment survey. The annual survey by PIPA is recognized as the most authoritative report measuring the temperature of the market.  Peter Koulizos explains how you can take part.


Kevin: Well as you probably know, Real Estate Talk is a supporter and a member of PIPA, Property Investment Professionals of Australia. They are currently conducting the biggest survey amongst Australian investors that’s been held in many, many years. Of course, they do the annual study, and it’s out right now. There’s a link to it on all the pages on Real Estate Talk, but I’m talking now to the head of PIPA, Peter Koulizos. Peter, thanks very much for your time.

Peter Koulizos: Pleasure. Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, this is an annual survey, and I know it’s one that’s keenly followed by many property investors ’cause it gives us a bit of an idea about the temperature of the market, or what’s happening. Is that the purpose behind the survey, Peter?

Peter Koulizos: Yeah, I love your analogy Kevin. The temperature, that’s right. It’s like a forecast, almost like a weather forecast.

Kevin: Yeah.

Peter Koulizos: It’s a property forecast.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Peter Koulizos: So some of the questions that we ask include, do you believe now’s a good time to invest in residential property, which gives us an idea, maybe there might be more people investing in the future. If so, what sort of property would you buy? So it’s not just, are you looking to buy, but what sort of property would you buy, would it be existing or established stocks of plan units. Where are you looking to buy? Are you looking to buy in a capital city? Are you looking to buy in a regional market? So we have almost 50 questions, which should give us a very good idea of what the forecast is for property investors in the property market.

Kevin: Yeah, I’m a great believer that the best lessons we can learn are from those who are doing it in the field right now. That’s why the Real Estate Talk was actually born, to talk to people like yourself who are actually out there doing it all the time. For that reason, I think we’ll learn so much from this survey, as we’ve done in previous years, Peter.

Peter Koulizos: Yeah, that’s right. We’ve had it annually, and it provides us and many other people in the property industry, in particular our members, with some valuable intel to help them with their businesses.

Kevin: Will you also be looking at some of the issues that concern investors like fiddling around with negative gearing and so on?

Peter Koulizos: Certainly. Yes, there’s one question for example, it says, “Do you believe changes to negative gearing, and capital gains tax will improve housing affordability? Because prices could fall. Given the negative sentiment, portrayed by some political parties and media outlets about greedy property investors, does this result in you being less open about your property investment activity to others? So it looks at many things. As I’ve just mentioned, it looks at some of the political landscape, but it also looks at peoples’ perception of themselves as property investors when they get together with other people who may not be property investors.

Kevin: Peter, many people are concerned with surveys like this, or the reason they won’t do them is because they’re afraid they’re gonna be hit with sales office spamming and so on. Can you give us some sort of an assurance that won’t happen?

Peter Koulizos: That will certainly not happen. We’ve already got hundreds of people that have replied. We’re looking for a record this year of over 1000, but I can guarantee people that when they do reply, it is completely anonymous. There will be no spamming. That is certainly something that I hate, and I often do not send in surveys for that particular reason. But I can guarantee people, your listeners that when you send in the survey, you will not be spammed. All we are looking for is the answers to the survey.

Kevin: Yeah, okay. Well it closes on September 7. There are links all over Real Estate Talk. Just have a look for that. It’ll take you straight through. And once again, that assurance that your information won’t be gathered, won’t be disseminated, won’t be used. You won’t get spammed. But, it’s the property professional, property investment professionals of Australia, better known as PIPA, and I’ve been talking to Peter Koulizos. Thanks for your time Peter.

Peter Koulizos: Pleasure. Thank you Kevin.

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