Sell more listings at full price

Sell more listings at full price

People don’t have to go through the iBuyer route anymore!

Bernice’s guest this week on the Real Estate Coach is Chris Prefontaine, two-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms and The New Rules of Real Estate Investing.

Chris used to be extremely successful, at least, until the Great Recession hit. He lost everything, so in his efforts to recover what he lost, Chris found a new way for people to get properties without going the iBuyer route!

Instead, they can sell their property for full market price using a lease-purchase contract with a… certain twist. Chris will discuss the topic further so tune in as he tackles:

  • How to provide your sellers with a much better alternative to the iBuyer model with a “sandwich lease.”
  • The insider secrets of putting “terms” to work
  • How the seller can benefit
  • How to help qualified self-employed clients and international buyers who may have trouble getting a conventional loan
  • Best places to prospect for both buyers and sellers who would be a good fit for this model

Watch the video above for the complete interview.

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