Bushy Martin is in the chair again.  Bushy is from Know How Property Finance and the host of his very popular podcast “Get Invested’.  His guest this week is Bryce Holdaway, Rob Newman, and Jason Back. 

First up Bushy talks to TV Property Show host and property buyers advocate Bryce Holdaway about a popular money myth about paying rent.  Given the massive stimulus incentives being offered by Federal and State governments to build new homes, there has been a big increase in the number of first home buyers looking to go down this road. 

It is best to know the risks before making that decision ad you will hear them today from Rob Newman, a Buyers Agent, and Builder Broker.  Delays in arranging approved finance for the purchase of a property can now run out to 8 to 12 weeks resulting in many property sales falling over with everyone involved suffering high anxiety, stress, and frustration.  

It does not have to be that way according to mortgage broking industry veteran Jason Back.  He talks to us about that. Finally, to wrap up this week’s show, Bushy’s Last Word is about how so many borrowers focus on rate when borrowing.  He says there are more important aspects of the loan you should be considering.  

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