The annual growth rate of combined regional dwelling values at … 13%, was more than twice that of the capital cities in the 12 months to April according to CoreLogic.  Remarkably, rent values across the combined regional markets have outpaced capital city rents even more. Bushy Martin catches up with CoreLogic’s Eliza Owen to dig a bit deeper into the findings.  When the COVID pandemic struck and the country was locked down in March last year, everyone was predicting gloom, doom, and the potential collapse of property markets. Everyone that is except Simon Pressley.  He tells Bushy today why he was so bullish.  It’s a generally accepted investment principle that diversification can reduce your risk and improve your investment returns.  But are there times when property investors shouldn’t diversify?  Stuart Wemyss tells Bushy it could be called ‘diwersefication’.  That’s a new word and Stuart explains what it means.  But first up – Bushy talks to Eliza Owen about some amazing findings emerging from CoreLogic’s Quarterly Regional Property Report.

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