Bushy Martin plays host to 3 very interesting guests in this week’s show covering commercial property – the risks and rewards, finance, and some often overlooked opportunities.

Bushy discusses how commercial property is often misunderstood when he is joined by commercial property buyers agent Steve Palise. Another guest – Managing Director of EBM RentCover, Sharon Fox-Slater is a landlord insurance specialist whose mission is to educate and empower property professionals. Sharon fills us in on some recent changes to insurance – now in effect – that have been designed to enhance fairness and consumer confidence.

Then, to close this week’s show, more wise words from Bushy as he continues with his 101 negotiation tips as he explains the knockout offer when buying. When and how to use it and the 3 conditions you need to make sure are always in place. But first up, Bushy interviews a man who is a self-confessed property tragic. He is an agent, an investor, a shareholder in a finance company, and was the first winner of Australian Apprentice – Andrew Morello. Bushy talks to Anthony about the opportunity presented in uncertainty.

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