Welcome to Realty Talk – hosted by Bushy Martin from Know How Property Finance and his very popular podcast “Get Invested’.  This week Bushy’s guests include Stuart Wemyss, Eliza Owen, and Simon Pressley, and Bushy’s Last Word or as he refers to it his Bush Bite – he questions if converting from long-term to short-term rental investment is short-sighted.  We would love to get your feedback on that as well.  You can do that in the comments section under today’s show. Well just when you thought the threat of changes to negative gearing was over when Labor lost the last Federal election it is under pressure again.  With 60% of Australia’s 2.2 million property investors being negatively geared, I would have thought that the ALP might have learned a lesson.  But that is politics, I guess.  More on that today in the show.  Simon Pressley makes a return, and he brings some of those enlightening graphics with him.   This time, it is demonstrated that Melbourne’s fundamentals are still quite fragile despite growth of 5 and a half percent in property prices in the last 3 months. But first up today, CoreLogic’s Eliza Owen tells Bushy that Australia’s housing boom is rolling on with national home values lifting another 2.2% in May.  The improvement was almost universal being recorded in 97% of subregions across the nation. Eliza lists the reasons driving the continued improvement and if it is likely to continue.  Now I know you will be keen to hear about that and the other topics with our guests, so let’s get started.

  • Graham Ko
    Posted at 12:45h, 12 June Reply

    The changing trend I heard is a less activity on high rise units development. However, developers are building high rise units with intention to rent and sell at a later date to take advantage of GST benefits. If this is the sentiment how will this impact on the property market

    I’m guessing that developers are betting on a return of overseas students and migration when COV became a part of community life


    • Kevin Turner
      Posted at 15:38h, 22 June Reply

      Anyones guess Graham

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