Lights, Mics, and Content: Putting Video to Work in Your Business

Lights, Mics, and Content: Putting Video to Work in Your Business

Like it or not, video is the most important marketing medium today for real estate content. While everyone hates how they look and sound on video, it definitely is the one place you need to be today to market your business. This is especially true for our “next gen” buyers who cut their teeth using Skype to see grandma and grandpa and are learning to shoot videos in elementary school.

Greg has immense experience in this area and shares some of his most powerful tips on how to capitalize on this exploding trend in your business.

  • What matters first and foremost: authenticity and how to achieve it.
  • Practice speaking to the camera as if you were speaking to a client.
  • Why having a separate mike over rather than relying on the one in your computer or phone is a necessity—easy, inexpensive solutions that really work.
  • Getting the lighting right, especially when you’re on the go with your mobile devices.
  • Where to get great ideas for video content.
  • Where to post short form vs. long form video content and why both types matter.
  • Video vs. channel tags—what they are and how to write them.
  • How to sort by views on YouTube and identify the best tags for your business based upon they’ performance.


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