Jeffrey Levine on constructing his career – Jeffrey Levine

Jeffrey Levine on constructing his career – Jeffrey Levine

In his capacity as the chairman of Douglaston Development LLC, Levine Builders, and Clinton Management LLC, Jeffrey Levine directed the new construction or rehabilitation of thousands of residential units. These projects have received much recognition from numerous associations like Ernst & Young, the National Association of Home Builders, the New York Housing Conference, and more.

He most recently developed the Edge along the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, a 1.5 million square feet mixed use project, which includes approximately 2,000 residential units, over 60,000 square feet of retail, structured parking, a water taxi pier, and a pedestrian esplanade.

In the latest episode of Building New York with Michael Stoler, Jeffrey discusses his career path, the influences of his family, and giving back to philanthropies. Watch the video above to discover how he started in the construction and concrete business and paved his own path.



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