On the back of the second most significant housing boom in Australia’s history, the old chestnut of housing unaffordability has dominated media headlines. First home buyers, in particular, have all but given up on their Australian Dream of home ownership given the plethora of new stories that have been full of the 10-15 years needed to save the massive deposits and make the increasingly huge repayments required to buy capital city homes. But do the scare campaigns match reality, and where can first home buyers afford to secure their first home?

Given the myths that continue to be perpetrated on housing affordability, we’ve decided to dedicate a special show to put this issue to bed once and for all, by doing a deep dive on the recent Bright Starters Report, where Canstar has partnered with Hotspotting to reveal the reality versus the rhetoric. And co-author Terry Ryder joins us to break it all down and bring an eye-opening balance to the argument.    

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