This week Veronica Morgan has a range of specially chosen guests who will each add a piece to the property puzzle as we take a close look at what makes the market.  Kent Lardner will add to the conversation as he explains how to detect the hot and cold spots and in particular how do you measure inventory levels in an area where new subdivisions are being released. Then Eliza Owen from Core Logic shares her vision on market trends as she and Veronica tackle new stock levels, how long it takes to sell and why that may or may not be an indicator of trends and the all important question of how much does a seller have to reduce their asking price to secure a sale.  But we will round the show out this week as we talk to Garth Brown from Brown and Brown Conveyancers about what was behind the purchase at auction of a property in Sydney last weekend by an 8-year-old boy. Is that even legal?  But first, Martin North from Digital Finance Analytics and his view on the real picture of just how bad the mortgage stress is at the moment.  Wait until you see the figures.  Here is Veronica with Martin to kick us off for this week.


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