The Home Builder scheme announced in early June is intended to boost activity in the construction sector. Dwelling construction is expected to see a lagged decline in activity off the back of COVID-19, as the recently recovering trend in dwelling approvals began to slip in April, led by a decline in unit approvals.  However, the $25,000 incentive for building a new home, or renovating an established one, comes with a set of extensive eligibility criteria.  Part of the eligibility for the renovation component of the scheme is that properties must be owner-occupied, and not exceed more than $1.5 million in value.  So where are the most owner-occupied properties under $1.5 million?  You will find out today in the show as I catch up with CoreLogic’s Eliza Owen.  

Veronica Morgan shares her thoughts and asks some great questions of the Property Investors Council Chair Ben Kingsley about the results of the largest survey of property investors conducted in a while.  It is particularly interesting because it reflects attitudes of investors early on in the COVID crisis.  

Taking a mortgage holiday sounds like a good idea but it has consequences which, according to Miriam Sandkuhler, is biting property owners, sellers and investors hard.  

Stuart Wemyss joins Victoria Morgan to explain why he and his company – ProSolution Private Clients – are confident that the property market will remain a strong and lucrative investment category even with the Coronavirus limitations.

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