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Several years ago a small group of like-minded property enthusiasts – about 8 I believe – realized that by pooling their knowledge and sharing their experiences they were more likely to succeed and their success would be multiplied.  And so The Property Development Network was born.  That small group of 8 has grown to over 9,000 people today who meet regularly to share ideas, experiences, and learn from each other as they network and build wealth through property.   I will be joined by one of the original 8 today in the show today.  Rob Flux will be with me in a 2 part interview as we talk about the lessons, the groups’ views on the future, how they find the opportunities, and some detail about how its members structure deals by making it a win/win with the property owner.

The majority of experts agree that stamp duty could soon be on its way out as the government grapples with the post-COVID economy.   This was revealed in a recent survey conducted by Finder – but what are the alternatives?   Joining me to discuss that possibility and what could be in the store is the Finder.com.au Insights Manager – Graham Cooke

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