COVID-19 has hit the rental market harder than the buyers’ market, with a combination of falling demand and rising supply.  Home ownership is not for everyone – but secure housing is. Kevin Turner discuss just how severe the impact has been with Eliza Owen from CoreLogic.  We have always said that there is no one market.  Each state, region, suburb and street is impacted differently.  We are really noticing that difference now so Veronica Morgan will talk to buyers agents in two states that have been impacted differently.  Veronica talks to Meighan Wells from Brisbane and Claire Corby from Canberra.  
As Melbourne enters a second lockdown, the country holds its breath as we struggle to restrict the spread of the virus – but business must go on.   Veronica talks to Jarrod McCabe from Wakelin Property Advisory.  It is an important conversation because Melbourne is classed as the canary in the coalmine.  But first up in the show today – the apparent rise and rise of the Canberra market is something that has become very clear as most markets around the country experience some COVID stress.  Veronica Morgan catches up with a buyers agent colleague from Canberra – Claire Corby to find out what is behind the Canberra good times.
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