This week we are going to take you behind the scenes somewhat. We will show how those in the frontlines that is real estate agents, buyers agents, property managers, advisers, and commentators. How they keep their finger on the pulse of the market. Who they talk to and more importantly what they ask. What’s important to them to know and how they interpret that information. Louis Christopher from SQM Research provides us regular reports, enabling us to see the data on things like, vacancy rates, days on market, variation and asking prices and asking rents and more. It’s very valuable statistical information. Sometimes, it’s more important to know the questions to ask about the data that’s going to reveal so much more. That’s what happened when Kevin Turner asked Shannon Davis from Brisbane Agency HQ Property, to dig just a bit deeper with Louis with some of his most recent report. Then Adam Kingston from Australian Expat Finance joins Shannon Davis as they see COVID and its effect in the world, in particular, finance.

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