Best time for investors to buy property – Simon Pressley

Best time for investors to buy property – Simon Pressley

We talk about affordability quite often, but we’ve always related it to affordability for first-time buyers or home purchasers – what about affordability for investors?

Well, if you’re an investor, then you’re in luck. Simon Pressley, head of Propertyology, says that there has never been a better time to buy an affordable property for investors. We’ve had three interest rate cuts in the last five months, for example. Compare this to previous periods where we’ve had a dry spell in the reserve bank for around three years.

But in case you’re not convinced, Simon Pressley lays out real numbers from an everyday Australian investor that they have recently helped in the video above. With only a 10% cash deposit, they were able to help an investor purchase a $380,000 property with a three-bedroom house.

Simon also tackles whether your money would be better used investing in property or by saving it in your bank, so make sure to watch the video above as Kevin Turner and Simon Pressley go into it in more detail.


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