• Prior sales increase nationally
  • Over 10% of Sydney sellers withdraw
  • Canberra adjusts to lockdown

With Melbourne’s lockdown extended, there were 954 auctions held across the city this week with almost 16 percent being postponed to another date. Of the 458 sold results collected in Melbourne so far, 52.6 percent were sold prior to the auction which is the highest ‘sold prior’ rate since the first week of June.

Sydney saw 562 properties taken to auction with 11.1 percent being withdrawn and 5.7 percent postponed to a later date. Of the 411 sold results in Sydney, 61.6 percent were sold prior to the scheduled auction date.

Adelaide was the best-performing capital city auction market this week at 84.8 percent.   Canberra, typically recording the highest clearance rates, achieved 81.9 percent with 45.8 percent selling prior as vendors chose to accept offers during the lockdown

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