We start this week with an alert from Ben Kingsley, Chair of the Property Investors Council of Australia.   We will play Ben’s full video message to you in the show today because what he talks about – the Green’s proposal for 2.2 million small business property owners to subsidise their tenants’ rents, with a 2 year freeze on rental increases – promises a very real financial burden on all the Mum and Dad property investors in Australia. We encourage you to pay heed to Ben’s message and, after you have heard the facts, use this link to send a message to the policy makers. 

Also today Nicola McDougall from the Property Investment Professionals of Australia adds her thoughts about the Green’s rental freeze proposal and how it is likely to have the reverse effect – a message every renter will need to hear.  

Raymond Hempstead joins Bushy with some insight about purchasing property through a Self Managed Super Scheme and Scott Aggett joins Bushy with some excellent advice about how you can overcome the hurdles to accumulate a property portfolio that will attain and sustain your lifestyle goals.

Provide your feedback to the Inquiry before Sept 1

Tell them how much your costs have gone up and how much you have increased your tenants rent.  Property investors are NOT price gouging tenants.  They are trying to cover a portion of their increased costs.

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