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People’s Choice of Housing – Adelaide

An extensive report by People’s Choice has identified Modbury North as Adelaide’s most affordable and liveable suburb for homebuyers. 

The People’s Choice of Housing is a report available free of charge that offers a unique view of Adelaide’s real estate market by rating suburbs based on both affordability and liveability, helping buyers compare areas on more than just price. Suburbs are only included if a couple with average incomes and spending is likely to get finance for a median-priced home there. If so, the suburb is judged on liveability factors including access to a variety of public transport routes, driveability, crime rates, schools, economic prospects, local services, and analysis of how settled the community is. 

The result is a showcase of suburbs that are both affordable and liveable, including some that may not be on buyers’ radars. The People’s Choice of Housing aims to help people get a better picture of the suburbs which might best suit their own preferences and needs, and be worthy of closer attention. 

The report analysed data on 363 suburbs and locations across South Australia which fell within the overall affordability criteria. It looked at liveability and affordability for both houses and units. 

For houses, Modbury North took out the top spot. Moving up from 7th spot in the previous edition of the report – partly due to a small decrease in the median house price to $364,500 – Modbury North is a settled, affordable suburb that is well supported with schools, licensed venues and public transport. It ranks 66th for liveability across the entire metropolitan area. 

Modbury North is followed in the rankings by two very different suburbs – Direk in the north and Aberfoyle Park in the south. Direk, a small suburb located 22km from the CBD, scores very well thanks to exceptionally good rates for safety and unemployment, along with a median house price of $311,000.

Aberfoyle Park is more expensive at $440,000 but really shines for lifestyle attributes including 10 local schools and childcare centres, 10 licensed venues, and low population turnover.

For those looking to purchase a unit, Adelaide’s top three suburbs in the latest rankings – Paradise, Pasadena, and Daw Park – are all newcomers thanks to the availability of new market information.

Ranked 5th overall for houses, Paradise does even better when it comes to units, with a very affordable median price of $260,000. It has first-rate public transport links, a raft of local schools, a low crime rate, and is less than 10km from Rundle Mall.

Pasadena and Daw Park are on the other side of the CBD in the south but offer a similar, attractive mix of access, services, and lifestyle. Daw Park is somewhat more expensive at $315,000 which equates to about $350 a week in repayments. Mansfield Park, which ranked 17th with the lowest median unit price of just $140,000, would have been higher on the list if not for its relatively high rate of reported crime.

Whilst the report was generated before COVID-19 began to influence the housing market, the People’s Choice of Housing is an excellent resource for those looking to undertake some thorough research while spending more time at home.  And for those ready to move before the market does, there just may be some excellent savings to be had.

The People’s Choice of Housing looks at more than 1,500 suburbs and towns across the Adelaide region. People’s Choice also provides an edition of the report focusing on the Melbourne metro regions for those looking to buy in Victoria. People’s Choice is one of Australia’s largest credit unions, with more than 375,000 members across Australia and branches in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia.

Adelaide’s Top 10 suburbs for houses in April 2020

Note: the remainder of the top 20 and an alphabetical listing of the top 50 suburbs are available in the full report.

Adelaide’s Top 10 suburbs for units in April 2020

Note: the remainder of the top 20 is available in the full report.


Property information in this publication is extracted from the People’s Choice of Housing South Australian April 2020 report published by People’s Choice Credit Union, a trading name of Australian Central Credit Union Ltd ABN 11 087 651 125. This report is solely for general information purposes and is not to be construed as advice or recommendations. We recommend you seek appropriate professional advice. People’s Choice Credit Union does not warrant the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information, and except where contrary to law, intends by this notice to exclude liability for the information in this report. Please read the full report here

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