Melbourne Goes Into Labour

  • Auction numbers fall by over 50%
  • Sydney takes an unofficial break
  • Perth numbers rise

Last week
Last week, the strength of the auction market was tested as volumes rose and, as we reported on Monday, it passed with flying colours.  Over 3,000 auctions and a final clearance rate of 73.9% – the highest since August last year.
This week and weekend
As Victoria takes a long weekend for Labour Day, the fall-off in numbers in Melbourne is reflected in the overall national numbers – 52% less over the combined capital cities. Sydney is also down on numbers this week and Perth is the only capital with an increase last week.
Watch for Kevin Brogan’s thoughts about the weekend ahead and the numbers around the country and then join him on Monday as he gives the most comprehensive national roundup of the full week’s activity and a look inside the top sales in 6 capital cities.

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