Longest interest rate dry spell + Renovation vs marriage + Aussie regions show signs of increases

Longest interest rate dry spell

The Reserve Bank of Australia has decided to keep interest rates steady at 1.5%
The RBA hasn’t raised official interest rates since late 2010, while rates have remained stagnant since August 2016 – the longest spell of policy inertia to date.
While last year economists were predicting interest rates to finally rise in early 2018, most backtracked and now believe a rate hike won’t occur until later this year… READ MORE

Is renovating worth as much as your marriage? 

Home improvement is a boom industry but it might be have an unexpected casualty – your marriage.
Experienced divorce lawyer Jeremy Sutton says the cases where couples are facing financial issues (about 50 per cent of his workload), over-spending on home renovations take up a substantial portion… READ MORE 

Is housing as affordable today as 1990? 

GETTING that first home might seem like an insurmountable task in modern day Australia, but according to a leading real estate investment body it was not as bad as it seems… READ MORE

Aussie regions showing signs of increases

Property research site, LocationScore.com.au have released their half-yearly LocationScore Property Swingers Report – a study that lays bare demand vs. supply across Australia’s 20 largest Significant Urban Areas… READ MORE

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