Learn from a master and get paid – Bill Malouf

One of Australasia’s top agents, Bill Malouf from L J Hooker in Double Bay, is offering the opportunity to pay someone who wants to become an agent to shadow him for 3 months.  He will throw in a car and cover all costs.  All the details today as we catch up with Bill.
Kevin:  Here’s an opportunity for you if you ever wanted to get into real estate. There’s a great opportunity for you to work with one of the best agents in Australia, Bill Malouf, who is renowned right around Australia. He’s from L.J. Hooker at Double Bay in Sydney, and he’s offering an excellent opportunity to go and intern with him for a three-month period. He joins me to talk a bit more about it.
Bill, thanks for your time.
Bill:  Good morning, Kevin. How are you?
Kevin:  Great, mate. This is a tremendous opportunity. Having joined real estate back in 1998, I would have walked over hot coals to work with someone like you and get that inside knowledge.
Bill, what’s behind this? Why are you doing it?
Bill:  We sat down and spoke about this a number of times at head office, and we think there are a lot of young people or even people in the industry at the present moment with the go to break the shackles that they’re currently in and get into a new industry, but nobody knows how to or nobody can get somebody to trust them to come in and trial it.
We decided to do it as an internship because we’re looking for young, vibrant, new people. We don’t even mind if you’re in your 20s or your 30s or 40s; it’s about the drive. And we don’t want to pick somebody up that’s already tainted with certain old-fashioned, restricted ideas.
We’re looking for people who want to go into the 21st century plus with leadership ideas in regards to the way they operate, ethical responsibilities in the way that they talk to people because we believe this is like being a doctor in this industry – that we’re there to give honest and direct information to the clients who are selling and without all the fluff and without all the time wasting and without taking money out of somebody’s pocket and not being able to deliver.
And the way to do that is get fresh blood and people who can see the potential if they work with honesty, credibility, with good product knowledge. They could build themselves one hell of a future in this industry.
Kevin:  We’re going to tell you in a moment how you can take advantage of this opportunity, but I wanted to make a couple of points with you, and one is about great people industry make this industry look so easy, but the thing that I know, Bill, is that it’ll make or break you. It depends on who you work with and how well you’re trained.
What I like in particular about the internship idea is that they’re going to get some really good training in that very critical three-month stage, that first three months.
Bill:  Yes, they are. What they’re going to get, which you can’t do with a lot of offices… People come along and say, “I’d like to get into the industry,” and you know what they do? They throw you a desk and say, “Here’s a territory. Now go work the territory.”
Kevin:  Yes. They throw you a desk and a phone book and say, “Here you go. Here’s you database.”
Bill:  Now how do you learn? What we’re doing is they will come with me, they will come with Alan, my manager, my son, David, and listen to our presentations. They will also then see the negotiation skills at an auction room, and then they’ll get to see an expression of interest, which is what I do a lot of, and they can see how we handle the buyers, how we handle the vendors, how do we get to that final result that’s a successful result for the client? And these are the areas that under normal circumstances, they would never get to see.
Kevin:  Now, let me tell you what’s involved here. You can make the application. I’ll tell you how to do that in just a moment, but what you actually get is a three-month internship with Bill. You get three months’ salary, you get three months’ accommodation in Double Bay, you get an Audi to drive around in, as well. Deck you out in business wardrobe and also then put you through the New South Wales Real Estate Certification Registration course.
Does anyone who wants to join have to be in New South Wales, Bill?
Bill:  They’ve opened this up nationally. They will even fly the person down from interstate.
Kevin:  So they make an application. Tell me how to get more information about this, Bill.
Bill:  If they go to the Hooker website and all the Hooker offices will explain what they need to do. I believe the first initial step is to do a 60-second video on yourself selling something or anything. Then there will be a whole process over the next six months.
This is a golden opportunity for somebody who wants a career change, and they’ll get to see it in the hard coalface. They’ll get training that under normal circumstances they would not be able to get.
Kevin:  It’s a great opportunity. I strongly suggest you go and do it. Just go and check out the L.J. Hooker Website, LJHooker.com.au. All the information is there for you.
Bill, I’d love to track this with you, too. When you make the decision about the person who’s going to join, I’d like to talk to them, and then I’d like to shadow them over that three-month period to find out what they’re learning.
Bill:  That would be a fantastic thing to do, Kevin, and I’d be more than happy for you to ring. You can talk to me and you’ll probably be able to talk to the intern and say, “Right. What have you learned? How’s the process?”
Kevin:  It’s going to be a great learning experience. Thanks, Bill. All the best, mate. Hats off to you, mate. I think it’s great.
Bill:  Pleasure. Bye.

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