Is Christmas a good time to sell? + Sad Igloo for sale + A Christmas Story

Nicola, Kieran and Kevin have some fun with the last show before Christmas. They have tried really hard to get some ‘Christmasy’ stories but the highlight will be what they are wearing. Hear what their all-time favourite Christmas movies are and see a real live Christmas house movie set.
1. Is Christmas a good time to sell?
EVERYONE is too busy working out their Christmas plans to think about buying a property at this time of year – right… READ MORE
2. Sad Igloo for sale
Driving along the desolate path made by Interstate A4 in Alaska, the only things visible as far as the eye can see are woodlands… READ MORE
3. Christmas deco that will de-value a home
As most estate agents will tell you, Christmas is not the best time to market a house. But if you find yourself trying to sell your… READ MORE
4. Most famous Christmas house
A Christmas Story House, now restored to its movie splendor, is open year round to the public for tours and overnight stays… READ MORE

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