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It is always a great time of the month when we can tell you that the latest Your Investment Property magazine is out.  Sarah Megginson joins us to tell us about the winners of the Property Investors Awards for 2018 announced in this issue.
Kevin: Well you would be aware that issue number 135 of Your Investment Property is now out on the streets and we’re proud to say that we’re  a supporter of that organisation as they are of us and we appreciate it as well. Sarah Megginson, who is the editor of Your Investment Property joins me. Good day Sarah.
Sarah Megginson: Hi Kev. Always a pleasure to chat.
Kevin: This is such a big issue because this is the Property Investors Awards for 2018.
Sarah Megginson: It is. It’s the very first time we’ve ever done an awards programme like this so it’s a bit exciting. It’s been I would say probably a good six months in the making. It’s been a lot of work.
Kevin: Having watched how you and Kim and the rest of the team have had to put all this together, it’s not been an easy job for you. Why did you do it? I mean there are other awards out there but why did Your Investment Property do this?
Sarah Megginson: Well I think now was the perfect time to do it. Kind of the feedback we’ve been getting over the last six to twelves months from our readers is everyone’s a little bit confused about what to do next. For the last couple of years it was quite clear that Sydney was doing well and then it became clear that Sydney was not doing well. And people are now a bit confused about where the market’s heading, where they should put their money, who they should trust.
Sarah Megginson: Even things that worked a couple of years ago or five years ago are not working quite the same way now. So we just found that there was so much confusion out there and we thought we wanted to put together this kind of best in class overview of the experts you can trust and the people you can turn to, to help you. Because the biggest mistake I think people make is trying to do it on their own.  There are so many different ways to invest and if you try to just push through on your own it’s a good way to make mistakes and to lose money.
Kevin: Yeah. Well we’ve spoken about putting your team together and the thing I love about your awards is that you’ve actually taken all of that. If you looked at the winners of these awards and you put that team together you’d have an A class team.
Sarah Megginson: Yeah. Exactly. It’s a bit of a wish list of who you should have on your team and that’s another reason why we did this because we had a reader recently who contacted us about an issue to do with a tenant and she was really frustrated and she was giving up hope and I don’t want to do this anymore. And it turned out she didn’t have landlord’s insurance. And when I looked at her situation and I thought this could have been quite much less stressful for you if you’d had landlord’s insurance.
Sarah Megginson: You would have paid a $300 excess and they would have handled all of this. And she didn’t even know what landlord’s insurance was. And it makes me remember that you don’t know what you don’t know. So we kind of put together this list of all these categories of the people in the industry that can really safeguard your investments. They can help you maximise your returns, maximise your profits and have a successful experience rather than make costly mistakes that can really take the wind out of your sails.
Kevin: Yeah. And I was looking through the list of judges as well and I was privileged to be one of those judges. But the breadth of those people, it’s really quite enormous. You’ve got journalists, certainly a lot of statisticians, support from core logic, from the peak body, investors body, from PIPA, also the institutes. They’re all very well represented as well as the Urban Development Institute.
Sarah Megginson: Yeah. Absolutely. We kind of went to all of the peak industry experts I guess you would say, people in the industry that have been in there … People that have been in the industry a while. They’ve seen a few cycles. They know how things can change and how important it is to have a long-term view. It was really important to us to keep this very independent so I had nothing to do with any of the judging.
Sarah Megginson: Our marketing team kind of ran the whole thing so that I could just get the list of winners and then interview people and put together the big coverage. Because we wanted it to be a really stand-alone, independent awards to say these are the people that have won.
Kevin: Well there are 11 categories and all of the winners are announced in the latest issue of Your Investment Property magazine. A great read as always. We’re going to produce a podcast that will talk more about what’s inside that issue apart from the awards and there’s a lot in there I can tell you. That will be coming out in the next day or two so watch out for that. Joining me, Sarah Megginson, the editor for Your Investment Property magazine. Congratulations. Congratulations to all of those winners as well and we’ll try and catch up with a few of them in the show in the coming weeks. Thanks for your time Sarah.
Sarah Megginson: Thanks Kev.

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