How will Australian property change over the next 40 years?

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How will Australia’s property markets change over the next few decades?Pete Wargent Wealth Retreat
Watch this video as I pose this question to respected property expert Michael Yardney and economic commentator Pete Wargent.
Hear them discuss the major property, economic and demographic trends likely to affect us over the next decade or two.
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2 thoughts on “How will Australian property change over the next 40 years?

  1. In regards to Brisbane, the comments about rail lines ignores the fact that Brisbane has another form of transport called Busways, dedicated rail-like lines. These are better than rail as the buses travel far more frequently. Also the BCC land values showed Macgregor had the highest increase in the last year, up 39 percent. This is a middle ring southeast suburb, not a northern or Eastern suburb. Why did it jump? Busway access! Buses every 2 to 4 mins to the city from the Garden City hub. In addition redevelopment of the shopping centre and improved road works. Somehow ignored by the experts above.

  2. Thanks sean, great feedback, i would like to know more about brisbane, im from sydney.

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