Like building anything that you want to last, a database needs to be built on a solid foundation.

In a way, it is a bit like building a property.  You start with a plan and you should be able to see or visualize the finished product.  You wouldn’t start building a house without knowing what materials you need, what the design will be and how it will work.  The same applies to your database.

How big will it be?

How will you build it?

How will it work when it is finished?

How will you build it to allow for it to be extended?

Start with the structure – your categories – your communication trails – your templates – the information you will gather on each person and property – how you will link the information and the reports you will need.

My experience is that, while you have an overall plan for how it will look, understand that Rome was not built in a day and you will never get it perfectly the way you want it at the start.  It should be a ‘work in progress’ but, if you have a plan you are working to, you will be add to the system and build it over time.

The first step is to decide which database system you will use.  We recommend LockedOn.  It is cloud based so you can use it no matter where you are.  It was developed by people in the industry and comes with heaps of features that you can start to use immediately thus saving you tons of time setting it up.  LockedOn also has heaps of tutorials so you won’t be on your own.

Set up correctly and worked continually, your database will be the backbone of your business.  Like a rent roll, it will be the true value of your business and provide a constant flow of leads, sales and income.

Start with a plan and then work the plan!

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