There are many ways you can promote yourself as a real estate agent:

  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Letterbox drops
  • Supporting local events
  • Offering to speak at schools
  • Offering incentives to local charities
  • Holding open homes
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Radio advertising

That is just a few suggestions and there are plenty more.  So many in fact, it is hard to know what works best and where to start.  You certainly could not afford to do them all.  Without doubt, the best and most effective are:

  • SOLD signs
  • Referrals from happy clients

The problem here is, that both come through doing business in the first place so it is a bit like putting the cart before the horse – how can I get the business so I can promote myself?

Real Estate Agent Marketing

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Develop a plan and select the one or two you think you can afford and that you can do.
  2. Part of your plan should be a positioning statement that clearly outlines your point of difference – why people should list their property with you.
  3. Have one clear message not lots of clever phrases.
  4. Make it easy for people to contact you and when they do make sure you react quickly and professionally.
  5. Have everything ready for when you respond. What you are going to say, what you will send them and how you will follow up.
  6. Your plan should allow you to do the selected activity/s for a sustained period – up to 12 months.
  7. Make sure you set down clear and realistic expectations that can be measured over the promotion period.
  8. Results will not come quickly so be patient.
  9. Do not chop and change. In other words, don’t try something for a week or so and expect quick results and then change if you don’t see those results.
  10. Realise that it takes time for people to ‘get’ your message, absorb it, believe it and then act.

It is important that when you start to get results that you do not stop the marketing machine.  If anything, you need to increase the intensity, set new goals for yourself, outsource what you don’t have to handle personally (never any conversations or face to face work) such as back end administration.

There is one good saying that all good marketers live by:- “Never start something you can’t or won’t continue to do”.

Consistency is the key!

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