How to Keep Big Brother from Spying on You

There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear a story about hacking, identity theft, and/or cybersecurity. What steps can you take to protect both yourself and your clients from the very real cyber-risks that are out there?

  • You’re being recorded almost everywhere you go—risks to your buyers and you when you’re out showing a property.
  • In the California Association of Realtor Listing Agreement form it recommends that agents and sellers disclose if there are active recording devices in the property—is this a requirement where you do business?
  • A simple strategy to make people receiving cold calls from you be nice almost every time.
  • Going “incognito” isn’t enough to protect your privacy. A simple browser change that has blocked over one million ads and trackers on Bernice’s computer in a little over two years.
  • One of the reasons that trackers are so dangerous—what it means when experts say that, “People don’t lie to a keyboard.”
  • How to segment multiple browsers to improve your digital security and increase your privacy on email.
  • Your phone is listening to you all the time—how Facebook can grab that data without you even knowing about it and use it for targeting you with ads based upon your conversations.


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