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Matt Walsham
Matt Walsham is the Director of Matt Walsham Landscape and Design. He and his team combine an extensive knowledge of spatial design and botany with unrivalled creativity and an eye for detail. They work with clients to extend a building’s architecture outdoors, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional. You may find Matt’s landscaping and construction tips particularly useful for your property valuation.
1. Clever Design
This process helps pull all elements together. It allows for integration of ideas, blending of materials and softening with plants. Putting a little bit of creativity and time into the outdoor landscape will give the property that extra bit of wow factor.
2. Street Appeal / Context
In many situations the street appeal will form the greatest connection to the market place. After all, first impressions count especially when it comes to property. It is important to maximise your property’s street appeal by paying attention to what is going on in the existing streetscape. Capitalise where others don’t. Become the best property in the street but make sure you fit seamlessly into the overall landscape of the street.
3. Use of space
Make the most of what you have. Try to maximise the possibilities within your property and appeal to the uniqueness of the site. If you have a longer block, create an outdoor living space that integrates the outside perfectly into the inside. If you don’t have much outdoor space consider going vertical – vertical gardens and features are a great way to add interest and colour to your property.

Matt Walsham

4. Performance
Create an environment that performs on all levels. Functional spaces are enduring and robust and offer the ability to create options within the site. This is particularly important when it comes to resale value, so make the house your own but make it flexible.
5. Quality of build
The one factor that appeals to all is the quality of the build and finishes. This should be proportionate to the buildings features. Do the best you can with what you can afford. Allow your designer to tailor a package to suit and go with someone you trust.
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