It takes so much more than a flash car, a sharp suit, a pair of shiny shoes, and a sharp wit to become a Real Estate professional.

Success in the Real Estate industry is by no means a sure thing. Like most professions it involves, skill, consistency, work ethic, determination and an on- going commitment to training and professional development.

The first step to becoming a Real Estate professional is to meet the minimum educational requirements to work in the Real Estate industry as set down by the governing state or territory. This training will provide knowledge of the law, the rules of the game and an understanding of the professional codes of conduct.

Armed with the required qualification, what are the next steps towards becoming a Real Estate professional?

Seek a mentormentoring

Finding a coach or mentor from the outset, is a critical step towards becoming a Real Estate professional. This might come from working in a great office or with a lead agent or maybe an external coach or mentor. Doing this will unlock your potential, keep you accountable and instill great habits from day one.

Know your marketplace
Know the state of play within your marketplace. Not only what’s been listed or sold, but every aspect of the community, your customers and your competitors. Product knowledge is critical and you need to become the ‘go-to agent ’ and trusted source of information within your marketplace.

Never stop learning

To learn is to grow. You need to have a thirst for knowledge and quench it through learning. Knowledge is power. Attend training sessions; learn from your clients, your customers and your colleagues.

Build relationships inner

Be authentic, network, listen and add value to every relationship. See it from their perspective, fulfil their needs and keep your customers at the core of everything you do.

Build your personal brand

You want people to know who you are and what you do. Beat the pavement, get out into the community, keep your customers informed and never stop prospecting. Be targeted with your marketing and brand offering by utilising the demographic information available through traditional and social advertising mediums.

computerMake data your king

From day one in the Real Estate industry, you need to understand the importance of building a clean and qualified database. Your database is the key to building your success pipeline both now and in the future. Keep in touch consistently with information that is relevant to the specific needs of your customers.

Work hard and be consistent

Consistency in everything you do on a daily basis. It is the key to becoming a true Real Estate professional. It takes hard work; it requires planning and a list of daily non-negotiables.

Brian Cannan has over 35 year’s experience in the Real Estate industry and is the CEO of Think Real Estate, one of Australia’s most sought-after Real Estate Training companies specialising in Real Estate training and qualification programs for Real Estate Agents across all levels.


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