Let’s face it, when you start building your professional real estate sales career you don’t really hit the ground running. It takes time to build the foundations and that all starts with a plan.

The first part of that business plan MUST be your prospecting plan.  To do that you will need these tools and this information:

  1. Choose your ‘farm area’. This is the area you get to know like the back of your hand. It is not the only area or patch that you will work in your career but it will get you started. An ideal patch would be between 500 and 750 properties.How to get listings
  2. Set yourself some goals to systematically work through your farm area until you have spoken to every property owner at least once and started to build a relationship. This will take time but even Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  3. With the help of your LockedOn program, set contact trails so you start to build a picture about every person and property in your patch. Check out the interviews in REUNCUT that we have done with Aaron Shiner about how to do this.
  4. Make sure you regularly drive your area and look for signs of change. A new fence, a property being improved, even garage sales are indications that something is happening. Use what you notice as a reason to talk to the property owner. As well as driving the area, it is also good to walk around, talk to people and get to know them – get them to know you.
  5. Every opportunity you have to transact in the area take it. Use the local shops, eat at local restaurants and get your morning coffee in your patch each day.

All of these activities will help you develop relationships and become the agent of choice – but it takes time. Don’t expect the results to happen over night.

The sooner you start – the sooner it will start to pay off!

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