Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents

This week we are pleased to introduce Jimmy Mackin, the co-founder of Curaytor as well as the co-author of a brand-new book called, Exactly What to Say. His co-authors are the legendary Phil M. Jones, who has trained over two million salespeople, and fellow Curaytor co-founder Chris Smith, who authored the best-selling book, The Conversion Code. Jimmy joins us today for a powerful session that can really fire up your business in 2020 because their stuff really works!

  • The challenge for agents today: How can you produce the necessary posts and videos to market effectively while running a crazy busy real estate business?
  • Real estate consumers today are research-obsessed. What to do to capitalize on this trend.
  • The reasons for picking a narrow niche is critical for marketing success.
  • Why every customer needs to feel that they are your only client.
  • The power of clarifying questions to convert more leads into clients.

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