Do’s and Don’ts Post Lockdown

This week we’re happy to welcome Michael Lissack. In addition, to be licensed in five different states, Michael is an entrepreneur, an expert on internet marketing, and he was also on Wall Street for many years. In this highly informative session, Michael shares common mistakes agents are making today as well as steps you can take to avoid making them. He also shares two highly innovative ways to get more listings in today’s highly competitive Post-COVID 19 market. Here’s what he will be covering:

  •      The group text messaging mistake that can cost you $500 per person you text.
  •      How to have CARE conversations
  •      The secret to turning your email signature lead into a lead conversion tool.
  •      The step-by-step process to convert Airbnb owners into signed listings. It’s complicated but extremely effective.
  •      How shared appreciation models work and how to put them to work in your business to help distressed homeowners save their credit, stay in their present neighborhood, and have money in the bank.

To see how Michael is applying the shared equity model in his business, visit either of his two websites, or