To answer this question correctly we need to firstly look at the difference between a mentor and the coach.

A mentor is someone who will be a help to a new person in the industry, simply because a mentor is already successful and is able to describe the activities that are needed to make someone else successful.
A coach, on the other hand, is someone who can be your ”unreasonable friend”. A coach is what an experienced salesperson will need because, while they know what to do, they need someone to keep them accountable for doing it. That is the real real of a coach.

If you are new to the industry, you will find a mentor will be able to help you decide what you need to do to be successful, how long it will take and then help you draft out a business plan.


To find a good mentor, I would suggest looking for someone who is currently a successful agent and then make contact to see if they will spare you some time. My experience is that successful people are willing to share their knowledge and they are more than happy to spend some time with you if you offer to buy them a cup of coffee.

If you decide to do that – do not waste their time.

Go prepared with some questions (even consider sending them the questions before you meet), ask intelligent questions and don’t try to get all the answers you’ll need in just one meeting. You may need to talk to more than one person.

If someone is willing to meet with you and answer your questions, make sure you take some notes and then decide on the one two or three activities you will undertake immediately based on what you’ve been told. There is nothing more insulting that asking someone’s opinion and then not acting on it.

Ask the person you meet with if they’d be prepared to receive an update on your activities from time to time as you share with them some of your successes. However, do not become a stalker!
Contacting them back and updating what you are doing will be motivating for both you and the person who is helping you.

Having a mentor when you first start in industry is a great way to learn from someone else’s mistakes and rise above the crowd by standing on someone else’s shoulders.

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