Do More Business by Becoming the Mayor of Your Neighborhood

What does it take to become the dominant player in your local neighborhood? There are a wide variety of ways to do it—the question is which ones will work best for you?

  • An innovative way to use Groupon and other coupons to attract plenty of clients for a minimal cost.
  • How to build a B2B (business to business) real estate practice.
  • Doggie marketing—it works!
  • The “Dump your Junk” marketing campaign.
  • Your body is a billboard—why you should wear your real estate gear.
  • Strategies for using give-to-get marketing that make you stand out from the competition.
  • Great resource: Neighborhood Scout (and how to use it.)
  • Blue Fishing: Great book that teaches you how to be ugly in your marketing as a way to stand out.


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