Crushing It on TikTok

What would you be willing to do to gain 4 million page views, 455,000 likes, and 77,000 followers in only 60 days? Alisa Glutz, the author and founder of Color My Credit, is a mortgage broker who has broken the code on how to succeed on TikTok, a site that just passed Instagram in terms of page views. While you may think this is a teen site, the truth of the matter, there are a lot of parents on this site watching what’s going on. Alisa has found that not only is she getting the page views, it  has become a strong lead generator for her business as well as a referral source for those who need a real estate agent. Here’s what she will be covering:

  •   TikTok is a destination for short (15 or 60 second videos) that’s all about having fun!
  • The strategy behind Alisa’s success—it’s all about the Moms!
  • Why LinkedIn and TikTok are your two best marketing plays for 2020 at minimal cost.
  • Strategies for measuring your success on TikTok.
  • What you can do to implement TikTok in your real estate business.


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