City and regional property markets rebound as top 10 national best buys revealed

Property markets around the nation have rebounded with affordable capital city locations and major regional areas offering solid homebuying and investment opportunities, according to the latest Hotspotting Top 10 National Best Buys report.

The report, produced by Hotspotting, analyses regions across the nation to reveal which areas are primed for superior capital growth.

The research includes assessments on economic and property fundamentals such as infrastructure, employment nodes, urban renewal as well as lifestyle and interstate migration factors.

The Top 10 National Best Buys feature three locations in Queensland and Western Australia, two in Victoria, and one each in New South Wales and South Australia.

Hotspotting Director Terry Ryder said price data in the first seven months of the year has turned increasingly positive as property markets rebound.

“It’s important to note that the upturn in fortunes occurred long before the RBA decisions in July and August to pause its increases to the official interest rate,” Mr Ryder said.

“Just as the decline in major markets like Sydney and Brisbane started well before the first interest rate rise in May 2022.

“This is because there are greater influences on property market outcomes than the level of interest rates.”

Hotspotting General Manager Tim Graham said the latest Best Buys report features a mix of capital city and major regional locations where the metrics are showing sound capital growth potential ahead.

“Many of these locations include more affordable city areas, but also precincts where apartments offer the opportunity to purchase into blue-chip locations,” he said.

“Also, the plethora of major infrastructure underway in major regional locations is underpinning property markets there now and into the future.”

Mr Ryder said while national house prices may have dropped four per cent in the year to July, according to CoreLogic, many of the best buys’ locations identified 12 months ago had recorded double-digit growth since that time.

“Our report a year ago featured the City of Onkaparinga in South Australia as the number one pick, followed by Toowoomba in Queensland and the City of Rockingham in Western Australia,” Mr Ryder said.

“Those who bought the median-priced house in suburbs in those locations could have achieved capital growth of more than $100,000 in the past 12 months.

“In most cases, the top picks in that report achieved capital growth above 10 per cent – and in some cases above 20 per cent – at a time when the national average situation was a decline in property prices.”

Mr Ryder said the City of Stirling was one of Perth’s best-performing suburbs for house price growth in 2022 and, just like Perth itself, continues to rise in 2023.

“Hotspotting’s No. 1 National Growth Star in the Autumn 2023 Price Predictor Index, the LGA could easily have won this award in the Winter report, too,” Mr Ryder said.

“Of the 24 Stirling suburbs in the Winter analysis, 19 were found to have positive sales patterns – only one down from that of the Autumn report.”

Leading Winter suburbs, which also both made the National Top 75 list of Supercharged Suburbs include Doubleview and Karrinyup, he said.

“Helping the LGA is its range of price points, with median house prices above $1 million in several suburbs, while other locations are between $370,000 and $550,000,” Mr Ryder said.

“Then there’s the LGA’s attractive location and growing range of quality amenities. It’s therefore unsurprising that the Stirling postcode of 6061 of Balga and Nollamara now attracts some of the highest numbers of first home buyers in WA, according to NAB data in January 2023.”

Mr Ryder said in the 12 months to May 2023, Carine (up 13 per cent), Hamersley (up 15 per cent) and Osborne Park (up 12 per cent) experienced the most notable growth in the Stirling LGA, and now have a wide range of median house prices from $580,000 to $1.1 million, CoreLogic data shows.

“Osborne Park’s $580,000 is almost the lowest in the Stirling area, beaten only by Balga on $380,000, after a five per cent annual lift,” he said.

“On the other end of the scale, Wembley, on $1.43 million and up four per cent, and Wembley Downs on $1.4 million and up eight per cent feature the highest median house prices.”

Unsurprisingly, locations with the busiest annual sales activities include budget- priced Balga and Dianella, he said.

“The majority of other Stirling City median house prices are between $600,000 to $950,000,” Mr Ryder said.

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