Buying off the plan | The experts tell us about their strategies

A telling sign that markets are improving around Australia is when you start to see cranes on the horizon.offplan
Most times it is for a new unit development and in most cases a significant number of the units will have already been sold as the banks want developers to have a fair percentage of pre-sales. So buying off the plan – before anything is even out of the ground – has become increasingly popular.
An article in the latest API magazine, which is out now, takes a look at what’s available in off the plan sales in the capital cities and what to avoid. Melbourne appears to have an oversupply of units according to BIZ Shrapnel’s Angie Zigomanis who we catch up with in this show.
We also talk to Bryce Holdaway from Lifestyle’s Location, Location, Location Australia and Michael Yardney about their investment strategies.
Read their full stories in the April edition of Australian Property Investor magazine – out now.

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