Buyers secure sales prior to auction

  • More properties sell prior than at auction
  • Melbourne clears 17% of auctions
  • 40% of Sydney auctions are withdrawn

 As Covid-19 continues to play havoc with the property market, nervous sellers withdraw properties ahead of auction while buyers swoop to secure a sale prior to auction.
Of those properties taken to auction on-line, some recorded strong bidding and some achieved a “premium price” (see Note 1 below)
Get a full rundown of results in all the capitals.  Also a look inside our selected featured sale of the week.   Kevin Brogan joins Kevin Turner to present the latest results from Core Logic.
Note 1 – This is a direct quote from the marketing agents at our feature sale from the past week at 27 Ferguson Avenue, Castle Hill.   Watch the show to see the video and see the listing at: 

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