But it is different here!

The process of selling real estate does not change.  No matter where you are – country or city.  I am talking about the process!

How we do it might change but the most important parts of the process are the same in regional areas as they are in capital city markets.  The prices are different but the process is the same.

This point was made to me by Dean Yeo in one of our philosophical conversations over coffee.

He said – “How a property is sold by private treaty and how the same property is sold by auction is exactly the same, with the exception of the auctioneer”.

He is right!

Dean got me thinking about the other things we do that don’t change no matter where you are.  Customer service, building relationships, giving feedback to buyers and sellers, negotiation and so on.

I think sometimes we use the ‘it’s different here’ or ‘that doesn’t work here’ as a convenient cop out for ‘I don’t want to do it’ or ‘I don’t think I can do it’.

The beautiful part about the new people in the industry is that they don’t know what they don’t know.   They can’t make decisions about what will work and what won’t.  The longer we are in the business the more knowledge and experience we gain and that helps us to make more decisions.

Stop making decisions!   I have met people who are so experienced that they can tell the difference between genuine buyers and tire kickers.  So they think.

Face the facts.  The great agents are the ones who don’t look for lifelines or excuses.  They know that if they are going to succeed they need to keep improving – keep challenging themselves not to accept mediocrity.  They embrace change and see it as an opportunity not a threat.  They are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Stop with the excuses and get on and do it.  I have seen agents have massive success with auction where no other agents in the area were doing them.  Why?  Because they believed they could.

Mindset.  Change your beliefs and you will change your habits!

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