Building a property portfolio on a low income | Hipsters and how they are shaping the property industry

In this special podcast hear Kevin Turner talk to two property personalities who are featured in the May issue of Australian Property Investor magazine.
We have often heard the comment that all property investors are rich.  While that may be true about some its important to note that not all property investors are rich to start with – they just end up that way.   So how do you get started and what do you need to get started?   Cam McLellan from Open Corporation says it’s possible to start a portfolio on an average wage.
According to Bernard Salt, demographer and partner at KPMG, hipsters are market leaders and certainly a cross-section whose employment prospects and ideas will push capital city fortunes.    Hear Bernard define a hipster in the property investment sense.
Read the full stories in the May Issue of Australian Property Investor magazine

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