Becoming the “Digital Mayor” of your market niche

Back in the day, promoting something at a local level means literally going out. You can give out flyers at a public space. You may sit at a café or a restaurant, then approach random people to offer your product or service. If you have the funds, set up a physical shop, then put a huge sign and wait for people to come in.
Though these moves may still work today, it is not enough. With the advent of social media, you need to have your online presence felt to gain more attention. Gene Volpe, the Digital Architect from GVI Media, shares with us one of the most useful ways to build your brand and your business. It’s called “The Best Of.” Here’s what he will be covering:

  • A step-by-step approach to becoming the “Digital Mayor” of your market niche.
  • How to engage the 99% of your sphere, contacts, and past clients who are not ready to buy now.
  • Why niche marketing is imperative for success in today’s highly competitive online environment.
  • How to co-promote your business with other businesses that are a proven win-win.
  • How to apply the “best of” approach to your business.


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