Auction Insider: Sydney market sinks further

The holiday weekend in Melbourne impacted the number of auctions conducted there but major concern continues for the extremely low clearance rate coming out of Sydney according to Dr Andrew Wilson.  With just 61.5% clearance last weekend, Sydney is dangerously close to the benchmark sub 60% barrier that would indicate a very weak confidence level.   See the numbers for all cap city markets and get Dr Wilson’s expert overview.

2 thoughts on “Auction Insider: Sydney market sinks further

  1. Hi Kevin well the other day an old mate burst into our office with a declaration “You guys are gross” he was addressing we three brothers who have been in the developing game for a long time. When asked what he meant he announced “I have added up all the years that you three have been doing this and it’s 144 and that’s gross” you can only smile.
    Kevin like you we are watching very carefully our little world up here in Brisbane, we have been operating mainly in Caboolture, where we are just finishing off our 8th. subdivision in the place.
    Our decision now is to either buy something small 30-40 blocks or look at others who are likely to get into trouble and see if we can help them as like you, we feel the confidence of the Banks is waning thus making it more difficult to gain end finance for our home buyers. We really enjoy some of your more cryptic remarks please keep up the good work and may we wish you all the best for the remainder of this tax year. The Jones Boys.

    1. Thanks. I am glad you like our interviews and comments. I will be keen to see what you decide to do. — Kevin

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