Allocating Tasks to Your Purpled Power VA

The birth of Purple Powered VA (Virtual Assistants) is through the combined efforts of ireviloution, a property management systems company, and ShoreAgents which provides offshore real estate staffing solutions. The goal is to shape virtual assistants through property management training that would cater needs the clientele. On the bottom-line, this would lessen the expenses of hiring local team members and at the same time increasing the capacity and efficiency of the business operations.
We are joined today by the people behind the Purple Powered VA, Stephen Atcheler and Jo-Anne Oliveri to discuss one of the determining factors for the success of getting a Purple Powered VA for your agency. It’s all about designing your ideal virtual assistant by identifying the tasks that you want to get done while aligning it to your business operations, so your local staff can step up to greater roles that bring greater revenue for the business.
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