Agents asleep on the job + What auction clearance rates tell us + Tenants vent on Twitter

What’s made the news this week?
Watch (or listen) as Kieran and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.

  1. Agents asleep on the job 

A REAL estate agent lost his licence after he was caught staying overnight in an apartment that was listed by his firm and up for auction the next day…READ MORE

  1. What auction clearance rates tell us 

I firmly believe that auction clearance rates are the property market’s most irrelevant statistic. I know that sounds controversial but there are many reasons why I feel this way… READ MORE

  1. A whole new twist to the kids coming home 

In a tough housing market, more and more young people are opting to stay living at home for longer…READ MORE

  1. Tenants vent on Twitter 

Fed up British tenants have taken to Twitter to share their horror stories as an increasing number of residents are forced to rent amid rising property prices…READ MORE

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