Adversity teaches you the skills to succeed

The lessons learned from adversity are the hidden diamonds waiting to be realised and polished.

Adversity is the struggle, the challenge we meet every day.

  • A difficult seller
  • A sale that won’t come together
  • A purchaser who won’t make a decision
  • A seller who wants to call in another agent to compete with you on the listing
  • A crashed sale

Those are just a few of the challenges we encounter regularly.  Face them and crash through.

Joseph Banks, the botanist on the Endeavour, was watching an Emporor butterfly struggle to break free from its cocoon. It was a life and death struggle and he wondered about the effect it would have on the butterfly if he assisted it to escape.  With a knife he carefully cut the length of the cocoon.  The butterfly emerged with ease, spread its wings and died.  Why?  It needed the struggle to give it the strength to survive.


How often do we make an incision and take the easy way out?  Take the easy route to get an outcome – shortcuts?

Study, practice, building strong arguments and presentations.  That is sales mastery! Not the shortcuts of simply relying on tools such as the company name, the website or more advertising.

You cannot beat someone who is well prepared, skilled and enthusiastic.  The skills of discipline, practise, study, qualifying and presentation are only acquired through adversity.

This is not an easy industry – if it was anyone could succeed!

Experiment, take risks, learn, have an open mind to new ideas and ways to work. Trial and error – success and failure.  Your ability to handle failure and rejection will be in direct proportion to your ability to succeed.  Invest time, practice and diligence.

Learn to welcome adversity because with it you grow.

Going through the motions is not good enough!

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