Every business will say it has the database but what makes a good database and one that is worth real money? Not building and maintaining a good database is one of the leakage areas Jess Densley has identified. We discuss that this morning.
As we continue our journey with Jacob Aldridge and look at the life cycle of the business, stage two deals with the euphoria as you achieve your goals. You will experience confidence and then relaxed growth but a great deal of frustration. Jacob today will talk about how forward planning can help you avoid some of the bottlenecks.
There certainly are a lot of dry gulleys in real estate. There are easy ways to get a quick results and Aaron Shiner shares his thoughts about that with us today. He also says you need to develop two marketing plans.
The journey with Muffy Churches is challenging you to be more self-aware, understand your current reality and what needs to be changed to get you to where you want to be.  Life is full of options but they mean nothing if you don’t explore what they offer. You cannot become what you want by remaining what you are.
The first step to successful self coaching is to identify what you’d like to change and creating clarity about what the preferred reality will look like.  Muffy Churches continues to outline her seven step guide to personal fulfilment.