Vendor communication that counts

Co-Host Joe Halavazis

Vendor management is all about how well you communicate with the seller and it starts from the minute you sign the agency agreement. The first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical. What you do in that period will have a huge impact on how successful the process of marketing and selling will be.

The meetings – call them what you will – pre-campaign, set to sell or expectation meetings, will set the scene and then comes the all important face to face meetings during the campaign. They all dovetail to improve the level of communication.

Hear two top agents, in two very different markets, talk about how they approach communication and the tips they have for doing it more effectively.

We’ve all heard the terms ‘crunch the vendor’ and ‘condition the vendor’. We discuss these and what they mean as well as the impact they have had with sellers and how they have influenced an agents approach to communication.

Special guests:
Troy Holmes – Principal, Belle Property Narellan

Paul Heron – Principal, Belle Property Darwin

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